In addition to my blog, below you will find some of my other writings.

I have published several articles in Ecotherapy News:

For the Summer 2012 issue, I wrote a short report back from a recent econference. The blurb is titled: “Ecotherapy? What’s that? Huh? You do what?
Holos Institutes’ Second Annual Applied Ecopsychology Conference Addresses this Question” (see page 1 of the pdf).

In the Spring 2012 issue, I have an article titled “Occupy movement’s concerns connect to ecotherapy’s goals” (see page 1 of the pdf).

A short article titled “Engaging Eco-Emotions” appeared in the Fall 2011 issue (scroll to page 5 of the pdf). It is about my internship work with the Oakland Museum and about working with overwhelm and emotional responses to the environmental news.

In November 2011, I had a Reader Submission titled “Environmental Security for All” published in the Kosmos Journal. The link is to the online version.

A piece I did for a class: “Learning to Love California” on Craig Chalquist’s Terrapsychology website. Look for my paper about half way down the list.

Sometimes I publish articles in the Bay Area’s radical newspaper called Slingshot! :

Book Review: Pushing Boundaries in Mental Health

Out of the rut: Can psychological insights be used in activist practices?

Keeping it Together in Interesting Times


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