If there are any upcoming events or workshops they will be posted here.

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The Counterbalance Project currently offers a  day long workshop based on the work of Joanna Macy, Miriam Greenspan, and the field of ecopsychology:

Opening Up Dialogue in Service of the Planet

Do you avoid the environmental headlines because they are just too painful?
Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do?

This workshop addressed these questions.
In a safe space, through group exercises, activities, and dialogue we will:

  • explore emotional reactions to the state of the planet
  • address blocks to engagement with the world and defense mechanisms that can drain us
  • re-frame how we look at emotions, detoxify so-called “negative” emotions
  • tap into energy for movement and action

If you are interested in this workshop or a version of this work please contact us.


2 responses to “Workshops

  1. kristi= is this a workshop you are currently giving?? i would love to know more. nora

  2. Hi Nora —
    Thanks for your interest. The workshop this weekend is of course just for the students that I have been invited to speak to. I did offer a daylong version of this workshop with 4 different modules we worked through last year (offered on my grad school campus). I have yet to do it for a larger more general audience but have thought about it. Maybe I should try to make this happen? If so I will let you know.
    Hope to see you, Kristi

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