Ecotherapy? What’s that? Huh? You do what? Holos Institutes’ Second Annual Applied Ecopsychology Conference Addresses this Question

My latest article in Ecotherapy News Summer 2012 Issue is a short report back from a recent ecopsychology conference.
See page one for my article which is also pasted below. Check the link for lots of other great articles by folks working in the field.


Over Earth Day weekend, the San Francisco based Holos Institute
( hosted its second annual Applied Ecopsychology
Conference: Re-Visioning A Psychology That Embraces The Earth. In
opening the conference, Jan Edl Stein, Holos Director, addressed the
often challenging question that those of us in the field frequently get
asked: “What does ecotherapy or applied ecopsychology look like?”

Jan followed with her four-fold way of answering such questions. To her,
ecotherapy or applied ecopsychology is
1) A widening awareness of psyche where we consider the environmental
context of the client
2) Bringing in the clients awareness of place and their relationship to
3) Facilitating contact with the natural world
4) Understanding and merging with the natural world to embrace a larger
sense of self; understanding that we are not separate from the natural
world and that our struggles are the world’s struggles and vice versa.

This is a surprisingly multifaceted topic with many possible ways to interpret
the questions and answer it. How do YOU describe your work in
ecotherapy or applied ecopsychology?
Send ideas to
Kristi Kenney is a certified ecotherapist with an MA in Integral Psychology
focused on the intersection between psychology and activism. Please
contact her via her website at


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